I’m Jay Valento and I help Realtors and small business owners launch and scale their businesses online through digital marketing.  In 2003, I started a real estate team with a friend to take advantage of the internet and help buyers and seller that were looking for homes online.

The launch of my first website and next 65 websites focused on the real estate industry grew our real estate team to 12 agents.  Working internet leads was new to all of us at the time.  At one point, my main real estate website, www.RedWagonTeam.com, was generating over 600 leads a month.

Follow Up System for Online Leads

I created a system of follow up with leads for the agents to follow.  I have changed it over the years and will reveal the best systems for you to test and see what works best for you.

Mobile Responsive & Google Optimized WordPress Websites

If you need a website in WordPress, my staff and I can help you with that.  If you are in the real estate industry, I know which property search systems, we call them IDX work the best and which ones to stay away from.  My focus is to make your website the best it can be at generating leads.

Plus, I will give you some ideas that no one else is talking about online to succeed.  Most real estate website companies and gurus talk tell you that people only want listings.  I think that is only 50% of what consumers want online.

I will tell you what they want to know and how you can give your online visitors what they want and they will love you more.  And a simple tool that I use to how users engage with your website.  Based on what they are doing, we can make fast changes to improve your website.   This one tool has helped me change my real estate website and generate more leads.

The average visitor to a real estate website spends 2 minutes or less on their website.  On my main website, they spend 10 minutes and 35 seconds as of today.

One more thing before I forget…

I’ve talked to over 35 different real estate companies that design websites for agents.   Beta tested many of the popular IDX property search systems and will give you my insights into how to use them to your benefit.

I will share with you search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that I learned from one book I read that started the whole online empire.  If you are like me, you just want answers and wisdom to apply it.

This is a no hype, practical way to build your website and focus on dominating online.